About us


EUROEXPERT is one of the largest valuation companies in the Baltics. Our specialists have been appraising property since 1992, performing about 100 professional and reliable real estate and movable property appraisals and business valuations monthly in the past few years.

Our company comprises of more than 40 highly qualified appraisers and valuers, certified by the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers, and registered appraisal assistants, working in all fields of property appraisal: real estate, movable property, as well as business and intangible assets, that enables us to offer a full range of valuation consulting services of any complexity.

Depending on the task of work we perform valuations in accordance with Latvian, European, International or RICS valuation standards. 

Our work is overseen by the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers and our company has received Certificate No. 1 of competency in real estate, movable property and business valuation.


EUROEXPERT is one of the leading appraisal and valuation companies in the Baltics with working experience of more than 20 years. Our specialists are constantly raising their professional qualification by attending professional training courses, including those in the USA. Many of our experts are involved in the activity of Latvian Association of Property Appraisers, as well as in other international organisations of property appraisal.

Vilis Žuromskis, the partner of the company, is the Chairman of the Board of Latvian Association of Property Appraisers and is a Recognized European valuer according to a certification scheme of The European Group of Valuer's Associations (TEGoVA).

Artūrs Žuromskis, the other partner of the company, is a board member of the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers, as well as a Recognized European valuer, member or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) and National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). He also holds a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) designation from NACVA.

Our staff includes:

  • 13 certified real estate appraisers,
  • 2 certified movable property appraisers,
  • 3 certified business valuers,
  • 2 certified experts on the technical inspection of houses and buildings and construction supervision,
  • 5 real estate appraiser assistants,
  • 2 movable property appraiser assistants,
  • 5 certified business valuer assistants.

All appraisers are experts certified by the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers.

Professional civil liability of all our appraisers is insured for EUR 500'000.

EUROEXPERT’s appraisers are constantly improving their professional knowledge by attending seminars organized by the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers, as well as training courses in the USA.


EUROEXPERT performs appraisal and valuation of all types of property, and is specializing in industrial and commercial properties.

Over the long years of activity, our specialists have acquired remarkable experience in the appraisal of residential properties, office premises, land plots and transport vehicles, as well as apartment houses, private cottage villages, office buildings, factories, ports, technological equipment and businesses in various industries, intellectual property, and intangible assets.

We perform appraisals and valuations for private individuals and businesses, as well as state and municipal institutions and companies.


We offer a full range of services all over the Baltics and beyond by utilising our vast network of cooperation partners throughout Europe.

The appraisal of each type of property is done by a corresponding department – residential property appraisal department, commercial object appraisal department, movable property appraisal department, and business appraisal department. 

Valuations performed by EUROEXPERT are accepted by all major Latvian credit institutions.

Our company is included in the LR Register of Enterprises list of approved experts on property contributions for all categories of property appraisal, including appraisal of real estate, movable property, business, and intellectual property.