Companies of the Euroexpert group provide:

- building technical expertise services;

- commercial property consulting services.

Building technical expertise services

Our company specializes in the following areas:

  • technical inspection of houses and buildings, incl. defining current technical condition of property;
  • evaluation of damage;
  • construction and financial supervision;
  • confirmation of investments

Thanks to practical experience and accrued knowledge, our specialists are able to guarantee professional, quality services that comply with the Republic of Latvia regulatory enactments and ethical code of practice.

Our specialists are certified in building construction, construction management and building technical inspection.

Commercial property consulting services

AGENTIA, a Euroexpert group company is a full service real estate agency, whose main focus is industrial and commercial properties and development projects.

Our approach to work is based on the experience of the Euroexpert Group over the past 20 years, experience in international business, acquisition and merger (M&A) expertise, knowledge of regional markets, objects and transaction mechanisms.

Optimal propertyresearch, offering, transaction structuring and management solutions, as well as communication process with decision makers allow to achieve the desired goal with maximum efficiency.

Our specialists have participated in more than 500 real estate development, purchase and sale transactions, as well as more than 100 capital raising, company acquisition and merger transactions during 10 years.

Commercial property development strategies, business plan preparation and consulting

Full service, as well as separate services to identify and achieve the best and most efficient use.

Real estate and share sales strategy development and realisation

Structured sales process as the main driving force and guarantor of successful transaction, identification of possible synergy and strategy values.

Real estate portfolio creation and management

Portfolio creation according to the client's settings, using all information resources and transaction alternatives to achieve the desired result.

Investment attraction (strategic and financial investors, funds, banks)

Preparation of material and communication with decision-makers among financial and strategic investors in a form that is easy for them to understand and accept, which facilitates a positive decision-making.

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