EUROEXPERT offers the following property appraisal services:

Appraisal services for loans and other deals

EUROEXPERT appraises all types of property: 

Real estate:

  • apartments
  • commercial premises
  • individual building sites
  • private houses
  • tenement houses, offices, other commercial buildings
  • commercial building sites
  • agricultural land or/and forest land
  • industrial building sites
  • other real estate objects

Movable property:

  • transport vehicles (motor transport, ships, aircrafts)
  • technological tools and equipment


  • whole business or its parts (stocks, capital shares)
  • development projects, factory, manufacture, shop, company, etc.

Intangible assets:

  • concession, patent, license
  • rights to use a trademark
  • software, etc.

We provide the valuation services for all purposes:

  • loan security;
  • financial reporting;
  • transactions;
  • litigation in Latvia or beyond its borders;
  • inheritance;
  • investment in kind;
  • and other purposes.

EUROEXPERT cooperates with the following credit institutions:

EUROEXPERT is an associate member of Latvian Association of Property Appraisers and performs appraisals according to LVS Property Valuation Standards and International and European Valuation Standards.

Valuation for investment in-kind

EUROEXPERT is included in the Register of Enterprises list of approved experts on property contributions for all categories of property appraisal.

EUROEXPERT has rights to appraise all types of property contributions under the Commercial Law:

  • Real estate
  • Technological equipment and tools
  • Transport vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Intellectual property
  • Business activity
  • Forest
  • Articles of art and antiques

The Commercial Law states that joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, as well as cooperative societies must make an appraisal of property before it can be accepted as property contribution.

Only an expert included in the Register of Enterprises list of approved experts is allowed to perform appraisal of property contributions for joint-stock companies.

With reference to limited liability companies, the Law provides for the following exception: if the overall value of property contributions does not exceed 5700 EUR, and amounts to less than a half of LLC’s share capital, the appraisal of property contribution may be performed by the founders (co-owners in case of capital stock increase). In other cases, only an expert included in the Register of Enterprises list of approved experts is allowed to perform the appraisal of property contribution for limited liability companies.

Due diligence analysis

Our company offers due diligence analysis services, including legal, economical and technical due diligence. Due diligence differs from classical appraisal by the fact that in case of due diligence a careful and objective examination of property in the requested sphere is performed without actually determining the value of that property.

Technical due diligence analysis may include the definition of the (present-day) technical condition of the property, the evaluation of conformity between the actual condition of the object and the construction project, the calculation of investments necessary for the renovation or improvement of the object, etc.

Economical due diligence analysis includes the analysis of the financial indicators of property – income, expenses, and cost efficiency.

Legal due diligence analysis usually includes the analysis of legal documents related to the property – ownership documents, lease agreements, etc.