Service prices


Typical or standard property appraisal prices are fixed, but non-standard property appraisal service prices are determined individually, taking into account the valuation task, complexity, urgency of the service and other factors, based on an hourly fee of one expert starting from EUR 50 + VAT.

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Standard property valuation costs



 Service cost*

 Time required*


Appraisal of apartment

From EUR 130 + VAT

starting from 2 working days


Appraisal of individual house with or without land plot

From EUR 240 + VAT

starting from 3 working days


Appraisal of single dwelling residantial land

From EUR 220 + VAT

starting from 3 working days


Appraisal of commercial property

From EUR 600 + VAT

starting from 5 working days



* Prices and time of service rendering are for information purposes only, identified by the company's management and are subject to change without notice.